Gallery of past drums and projects

This custom drum was meticulously crafted for its keeper who will be taking it to Mexico on a Toltec Shamanic journey quest. The drum has a 13” by 4.5” frame finished off with New Zealand Tawa. The unique handle has the symbol of the Galactic Butterfly (Hunab Ku) engraved onto it with ‘tassels’ for the addition of sacred talismans or adornments. The Hunab Ku symbol is representative all of consciousness in the galaxy. It is said that wearing one of these symbols is very powerful as it symbolises your willingness to reach out, connect with and join the consciousness of the galaxy (info sourced from

                                                               (March 2018)

This was a re-skin and 'revamp' on a Bodhran. We decided to add a strapped handle so as to lengthen the drums note. The strapped handle allows the frame to vibrate in sympathy with the velum allowing the note to 'last'. We also built a soft Possum fur beater to generate the long low tones as this drum will be used for healing and meditative purposes.


(May 2018)

This beautiful custom built drum has a 14" x 3" frame of Radiata Pine and New Zealand Rimu. It has a unique handle specifically designed and built for the project as well as bespoke bead work weaved into the handle and the beater. 

This build was an amazing 2 month journey. The drum's keeper and I 'walked' through each aspect of its construction. It was so rewarding building and creating this drum!

                                                                (August 2017)

This drum started out as a 'standard' build but was finished off in consultation with its new keeper. Its 14" x 4" frame is finished with Silky Oak and has a woven handle in a 'whirlwind' design.

I enjoyed finishing of the final detailing of this drum with its keeper and I have no doubt that the drum will be brought to life and sing many songs!

(October 2017)

Each drum comes with a customised beater. These are finished off in a variety of ways. 

Some heads are made from soft Chamois leather while others are made from Possum fur.

(In New Zealand Possums have a massive negative impact on our Fauna and Flora. They are actively eradicated and hence I like the idea of actually using some of this 'by product' in a constructive way).